I wanted to extend my condolences for the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, but also wanted to state ill timing on my part, concerning the statement that I made on September 1st. I suppose I wanted everyone to know I am not a horrible harpy.

While I don’t always agree with the people in office, I always show respect for that office. The Queen was quite the powerful woman, who also believed women should be in higher positions as well, so I definitely respect that. I “borrowed” the picture of her two days before she passed, thanking the former prime minister and welcoming Liz Truss, the new British prime minister. She was the longest reigning monarch, so I respect that also.

What I also realize that successful and powerful leaders are also human. She approved of the match of Charles and Diana because of station and breeding. From the sounds of it, Diana and the Queen did not see eye-to-eye and the Queen was very traditional about how royals should conduct themselves. I don’t quite care for the fact that the Queen did not hide her annoyance for Diana, but hid her son’s indiscretions. She was a mother and very much on her own son’s team. I respect the loyalty, but the bitterness I did not care for. I watched my own former mother-in-law, whom I loved, turn away from me and the wrongs that her son had done to the kids and I, and shun me and constantly bail himself out of jail — so much so that she had to borrow money from her brother! I could not fathom her allowing him to break her finances to the point where she almost couldn’t pay her bills or eat or pay for her medicines! I was and am still heartbroken over that. I don’t presume to know how Diana felt about her mother-in-law, but I’m sure it was a mixture of love and confusion as mine was!

Anyway, I wanted to deeply extend my sorrow at the Queen’s passing and to apologize for bad timing on my part, on my post. I am VERY distantly related to the royal family and I felt great remorse when I heard the news. I have faith that they will carry on, as they have for almost a thousand years, to lead our allies on to continued success!