(NOTE: this is regarding the United States only. Canada has a separate website:

It’s not a weakness to need help every so often…it’s called life. This weblink was invaluable to me after I went through my final episode of abuse and my abuser was barred from contact. I was working with Chelsie, my DV advocate, and voicing my concern about feeding all of my kids and myself, when she asked me a very pointed question. “Laura, you’ve gone to a food bank to help with your grocery situation, right?”

“Um,” I stammered, “I can’t do that.”

She looked at me sternly. “Yes you can. You all need some assistance and it’s not a weakness. Besides, it’s not just about you. You have kids to feed. Period. Plus, this type of situation is one of many that food pantries are crucial for.”

I was literally speechless. She was RIGHT. I shook my head at myself. I felt like I was taking food away from someone else, but we literally needed it. The need was legitimately there and I couldn’t worry about what others thought. Heck, we still do need the assistance on ocassion, as there are six people total in my house! Groceries have doubled and tripled since the Pandemic hit! Not to mention I have a sixteen year old boy…enough said!

This site is VERY helpful. However, it does have A LOT of ads and a few pop-ups. Please don’t be angry about that, just keep scrolling past them — this site really does have a lot of great information about food pantries, soup kitchens, and food banks! A person can locate food pantries by state and locale. If you volunteer at a pantry or food bank, you can also add that entry for others to find! There are also pet food pantries too, it just depends on what’s available in your area. Many pet shelters and rescues will also give you a bag of food, if you get into desperate situations!

I hope you find this helpful! <3