I was zoning out looking at Facebook, when I saw the above link about a “free” class on verbal and emotional abuse — a class topic that is RARELY in it’s own course. I immediately clicked on it to see what it was all about!

The bearer of the “free” course is Hope For The Heart, a faith-based Christian organization. Upon signing up, it offered a free “Keys for Living” book if I made a donation. I made a $5 donation, because it would not allow me to advance otherwise. The email that I received, after registering for the course included a printable PDF for the student to take notes on, which I thought was a great touch!

The course consists of six video lessons. I watched them a few times each and they were enjoyable. At the end of the course, another plea for donations, which I gave $2, in case there was a digital certificate…well, there wasn’t. I did email the organization, however, stating that it might be a good idea t feauter that part

Okay, as far as the curriculum goes, the class Verbal and Emotional Abuse: Victory Over Abuse was adequate. There was quite a bit of good and pertinent scripture. Forgiveness of the perpitrator was talked about, nearly equal to the fact that the victim does not wish to endure all of this abuse — uh, no kidding! The point here is to get the victim away from the abuse, but communicate effectively that they will not be accepting that sort of dictated behavior! I loved the pastor’s story in the introduction of the video, not totally a fan of giving the perpetrator grace. In hardcore DV, this would not work, as victims already start to blame themselves anyway.

The best part of the training was about boundaries. The narrating pastor stated that in order to be effective, he must “hear with [my] own ears” himself setting a boundary. THAT is a statement that I can get behind! We need to speak our truths, so I agree with that aspect, but the training was not what I consider a “finished” product — more like a “work in progress.” I think it needs to be more trauma-informed, but it flowed well.

I would say as a survivor and an advocate, take this training with a grain of salt. Like I said, the training was okay and had a lot of Biblical references in it. In our [victim] experiences, there is no curing the abusers, because they do not believe that they are wrong. Also, the price is right and the modules not take very long to complete AT ALL.

I’ll try to provide more resources and reviews of trainings, as they become available! Love and light! And keep healing!!! <3