I am proud to announce that on Friday, August 26, 2022 I was notified that this Blog was nominated by Feedspot panelists to be in the Top 30 Best Women’s Mental Health Blogs/Websites! Not only that but the DVWW is #13 in this category!!! Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh!!!! What an honor! The founder of Feedspot, Anuj Agarwal, emailed me to inform me of its placement. I was in TOTAL disbelief and awe!

I think it’s great that it is in the same position as the Blog’s other Feedspot ranking in the 45 Best Domestic Violence Blogs/Websites category! The number 13 is a lucky number of mine!!! However, Feedspot ranked the DVWW Blog #14 in Domestic Violence RSS Feeds, which is very confusing to me, but I am STILL honored! I’d LOVE to be in the “Top 10” in each category, eventually.

I’m pleased that this Blog is reaching the intended audiences and is growing every day! It’s taken A LOT of hard work and research. I try to post every day to the Blog. I try to post multiple times per day to the Facebook inspirational group. I’ve added it to blog directories and tweaked my SEO. I’ve posted it all over social media. I network with other bloggers and trade “guest” posts, as well as participate in “Blog Hops.” I am doing this to get these resources and messages out in the Universe to those who need it. I also pay for the hosting and domain name all out of my own pocket, which is a huge feat for a single mother with one job and five kiddos in my house. I do this all to help others escape from and survive after domestic abuse — not to mention the mental health issues that inevitably follow. It is TOTALLY worth everything that I do!

Love and light! <3