NOTE: This was supposed to publish on Sunday, but it got stuck in the queue. (Insert frowny face here). Ugh!

I just read an interesting story on about a business owner who went thrifting at a Salvation Army, and got a great deal on an older Coach purse…she’s a woman after my own heart! However, the story goes beyond the savings…

(Watch TikTok video uploaded above, before reading the rest of my Blog post)

The business woman went to clean the purse and found $300 and a dramatic note tucked under the purse’s base piece, in the bottom of the bag. Apparently the writer of the note wrote that the purse was a “gift” from her husband’s mistress, because she came home early and interrupted the tryst. She reportedly carried it for years as a “trophy,” although she felt her husband didn’t realize that fact. She then hid part of her children’s inheritance in the bottom of her favorite things because she was sure they’d just give them to Goodwill, when she passed. Her final advice? “Go buy yourself a new bag! Love, Martha.”

Okay, I want to achieve the level of badassery that Martha has/had! She’s a savage! I would have funds setup for my kids and grandkids, but I’d love to get to that level while I was still living. l

Currently, I love to donate purses to benefit Safe Passage, the DV organization that helped me. They have an auction every August, called Handbags for Hope. I usually acquire handbags to re-sell, donating ones that don’t particularly do well, but still designer and in like-new shape. I definitely do what I can…but wouldn’t it be cool if I could pull-off a “Martha”? Eventually…

The businesswoman, Lenora Silverman, who was blessed with the blessing, courtesy of Martha, is trying to start a movement of blessings: #marthainfused. I fully support this! Love it!

Just wanted to share as bit of happy news…enjoy!