I look at social media first thing in the morning, before I get into the shower to start my day. President Biden issued multiple Tweets on banning guns versus gun control. I don’t usually get political, as I respect the office of the President of the United States. I’d like to expound on this, for one moment…

The tragedy of Uvalde, Texas has made gun banning versus more control come up again. While what I went through doesn’t compare on any level, I was shot at during the final time of my relationship. I fully believe that he was thinking of killing me and was possibly either trying it out or thinking it through acting out. I had a concealed carry license within three weeks of the incident. I did not feel safe for myself or my children. Perhaps this was a false safety, but that feeling of safety made my going forward bearable.

I know that if guns were banned, I would have felt more fearful. I didn’t blame the gun in the instance of my abuser shooting at me. It was merely a tool. He was the dangerous implement in this scenario. Criminals will carry out what they want, regardless. If one modality fails, they turn to another. If the police hadn’t been involved, who know how tragic my situation could’ve been? *Shudder*

I think gun control can always be revisited and improved, but taking away guns will not solve all of these school shootings or domestic violence episodes. Evil intentions always find a way. Criminals do NOT follow rules. We must acknowledge the issues and try to prevent them the best we can: hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

I pray the President and our Legislatures come together for the good of the people. I pray that light triumphs over the dark, that we decide where to control things and what exactly needs to be controlled. Punishing many for the sins of a few doesn’t seem to be the answer, but we need the many to come to a consensus instead of fighting for control [to be right].

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