This is Cambrian. He’s my first grandbaby and is just now two months old and starting to become more self-aware and independent. He smiles and laughs all the time. He’s Nana’s little buddy. I now cannot imagine my life without him!

I will say, I was less than thrilled when my middle daughter, un-married and non-working, told me she was pregnant. I told her that I wasn’t thrilled at the time, but that we’d figure it out. It’s what families do. She had a bit of a difficult pregnancy, but the baby’s father moved in to help and we got through it. I think having Baby Cam has made our family closer again. I just wish the little guy would figure out sleeping through the night!

Also, my Mother has cancer that has infiltrated her bones, her organs — it’s EVERYWHERE and she doesn’t have long. I feel like God knew we needed Cam. Once he was born, my Mom started making him a blanket. We took him to visit her for Easter and seeing and holding him perked her up. We Facetime with her often so she can see him and she is comforted and entertained. He smiles and laughs everytime!

I know that I will soon be without her, and I feel instantly lost. I think Cam is a cherub that God sent because He knew we needed him to help us through, to show that life goes on. I am thankful every day for him. Also, my daughter and grandson Facetime with her father, my Ex. Cam isn’t sure what to make of him, knitting his eyebrows and looking confused. Did I tell you that I think my grandbaby is an EXCELLENT judge of character???