Maybe it sounds corny, to which I honestly don’t care, but I’ve decided to choose an intention word for 2022 — a theme, if you will

It always seems as though I have themes at work, daily, and it’s as if God is seeing if I’m paying attention. It makes me laugh and gives me something to look forward to. My full-time job is highly rewarding, but highly stressful. People are not patient and kind, but still I help them. I also have to push myself at work; I have a TBI and some physical issues that make it hard on me. I have recall issues, I have to make lists and reminders, I take a bit longer to get things accomplished — but STILL I push forward.

My word for 2022, I feel, should be “warrior.” Even though I escaped abuse, I still feel as though I have to continue to fight for others in multiple ways. I fight for DV advocates through my advocacy: blogging, speaking, posting, taking classes, activism. Again, I have to pace myself, as burnout is real. I am pushing to get this law through by talking to all the right people, petitioning, speaking about lax state DV laws. It’s exhausting! Plus, I want to keep writing and sharing — I’ve made an “intention,” that is instead of a “resolution;” I would like to speak/blog, at least, 100 times in 2022. My own blogs count, guest blogs, and speaking as a guest on a podcast or Zoom. I’d like to start my own podcast/vlog, but we will see how my 100 speaking/writing spots do…

I also have to power through on my health too. I have physical issues with my back and my chronic pain from fibromyalgia. I have to keep moving and do it more and with more intention. I have to fight like an Amazon to keep going, although I am physically weary. I hurt at all times and I am exhausted. I tire easily too, which is VERY frustrating.

I also my have to get a part-time job, as this Super-Single-Mom/Wonder Woman thing is not as easy or effortless as some make it look. I have children, and soon a grandchild, who is depending on me, as well as my boyfriend and all my fur-babies (some people call these pets). I CANNOT let any of those dependents down!

Yes, I think Warrior is my word…plus, we may have to fight to survive 2022, with the pandemic continuing…sending love and light and health and happiness to all!

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