I have literally started a petition for something near and dear to my heart. I signed up for Change.org an it’s off and running!

This lovely lady, Laura Russell, and I, have much in common! She and I share a first name, our kids were in 4-H, we both live in Madison, Indiana, and were both being abused by our husbands — the men that were supposed to love us the most.

She, sadly, died at the hands of her abuser. I was stalked like she was and my abuser was to sit in front of the same judge. Would I die next? I was SO afraid, I cannot even describe it.

Her bill, “Laura’s Law,” didn’t make it to legislation, due to the fact that the House of Representatives deemed it a “non-issue.” If even one life is lost to domestic violence, how many more hang in the silent balance???

Please sign my petition, even if you are not a resident of Indiana. While many states have similar laws, many still don’t. Tell Rep Zack Payne that you’d like Indiana to be an example to your state, by protecting those who are trying to escape abuse!


Love and light!