I should have NEVER watched the “American Murder” documentary on Netflix, but I did. It was well done, so it wasn’t that. I just KNEW it would infuriate me more, and it didn’t disappoint. I’m beyond livid.

The documentary was put together brilliantly, so much so that it made Shanann Watts and her children endeared to me as though they were the family next door. Her Facebook videos caught her true essence and you can tell how much she loved her kids and how dear her family was to her — I even felt her desperation to save her marriage. She was real.

It even showed how much of a narcissist Chris Watts is/was. How he was only concerned about what would happen to him, not how could I have done this??? He was fidgety and distracted, entitled and cold. NO. REMORSE. All traits I’ve seen in my ex. *Cold shivers*

What is total insanity to me, I found out AFTER watching the documentary. WOMEN. ARE. SENDING. HIM. LETTERS. DECLARING. LOVE. WTF!?! You read that right. Ugh. I cannot make this crap up!

What is remotely attractive about a man that killed his pregnant wife and two small girls? WHAT, PEOPLE, WHAT??? Do you have a death wish? Are you into snuff films and want the real life embodiment?? Do you think you can change him???

I read article after article about women sending him letters wanting to be pen pals with him. They are sending marriage proposals. Sexy pictures are sometimes included with the letters. Some women are sending multiple letters, not just one or two. Cannot. Make. This. Up.

This really sickens me and only makes me more mad and annoyed, if I think about it further. I also just read that Scott Peterson’s legal team is trying to get his convictions looked at, due to a legal loophole of a juror not disclosing that she had been a victim of harrassment while pregnant. Maybe she didn’t see the connection because it was her significant other’s former girlfriend that did the threatening and no one died — I don’t know, but Scott Peterson killed his wife and unborn son. They are REACHING and it’s so desperately repulsive!

It’s INSANE that in 21st Century society, we’re still blaming the victims for what happened to them, trying to get their killers absolved, so that we can apparently date them — but always the victim blaming continues. Author Rita Mae Brown is quoted with, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” What is total lunacy is that WE are still allowing victim blaming to continuously happen, as if we are powerless to it, and are idolizing those that have done unspeakable things. Wow. Just, wow.