Narcissistic Aftermath

I came across this YouTuber totally by accident, but [in the words of Bob Ross] what a “happy little accident!” I’ve included the video I watched, above, but she has SO many more interesting stories that I’d like to watch. Unjustified Crimes YouTube channel is run by a host named Kim, who gives synopsis ofContinue reading “Narcissistic Aftermath”

BONUS Post: It’s Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day!

I’d probably automatically say “Happy Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day,” but that wouldn’t be right…actually, it would be down right insulting…there is NOTHING happy about narcissistic abuse and going through it…unless the happy part is that you survived it…except that you’re still angry that you had to go through it in the first place…*sigh* I amContinue reading “BONUS Post: It’s Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day!”