I have put coupon websites on here before, but I will continue to do so, so you all can have multiple resources for savings!

Food, personal products, pet supplies, and cleaning supplies are NOT getting any cheaper! These things are things that we have to have to live, so I will continue to post these so that we can survive and help others! Please keep in mind that these sites keep track of your device’s IP address, so only two of each coupon will be allowed to be printed; however, if you have multiple devices attached to one printer (computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones)..then you can print MORE…just be mindful of the store’s purchasing limits, LOL In that instance, I usually bring a child or friend with me. I will NOT be a slave to retail!!! I play by the rules, but I also have to feed my family.

Here is what the P&G site offers:

  • PRINTABLE COUPONS: Add exclusive coupons to your basket and print off at home to use at your favorite grocery store or retailer.
  • DIGITAL DEALS: Find promo codes for discounts on P&G brands online as another great way to save.
  • EARN REWARDS: Answer quick surveys and scan receipts when you purchase P&G products to earn points you can redeem for gift cards and more.
  • P&G DONATES: As you earn, we automatically make donations to a cause you care about, like Children’s Safe Drinking Water, or others you can choose from when you join.

As always, offers and deals are subject to change!