This is my last week working retail. I have no little children to take trick-or-treating, so I worked my part-time job at Dollar General this evening. Since it was Halloween, there were several people running into the store, at the last moment, to grab candy and costumes for the kids. However, a few adults came into the store in costume/character.

First, a cowboy and a made up woman came into the store. Both the assistant manager and I both noticed that the woman looked as though she had been physically beaten in the face. They shopped around the store, before finally coming to the self-checkout. The assistant manager and I decided that it HAD to be costume, surely. I decided to ask what their costumes were, just to ease my mind.

“We’re Rip and Beth from Yellowstone,” the woman replied. I was totally amazed at how real those contusions and bruises and black eye looked.

“Wow, realistic costume,” I said.

“You a fan?” she asked. She made her man-friend show his shirt, which bore the Yellowstone logo.

I shook my head ‘no.’ “Sorry, I’ve never seen one episode.”

They left, looking at me in disbelief. Later, a woman dressed as a slutty nurse came in to purchase something to drink. Her man-friend did not appear to be dressed up and was a plain-looking guy. However, he constantly had his hand on her rear or hips, as if possessing her as “HIS.” She was gorgeous and all smiles.

I complimented how beautiful she was; before she could open her mouth to respond, he said, “Isn’t she though? I’m so proud she’s mine.” She smiled, sheepishly, as if a tad bit embarrassed by what he said. I winked at her…I’ve been there as a “possession.”

However, I did notice she was showing A LOT of cleavage and had no coat. It was 30 degrees and flurrying outside.

“Do you have a coat, hon?” I asked her. She shook her head. It was at this moment he interjected this gem of a comment:

“She has me to keep her warm, “ he said, beaming. Then, something in the candy isle caught his attention, so he walked away to check things out.

“Well,” I said, “you’re boyfriend sure is enamored with you.”

She bit her lip. “He’s not my boyfriend,” she said quietly. “He’s a co-worker that went to a party with me.”

“Oh,” I said, my eyes widening with surprise. “Probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to set him straight, preferably in public. Are you safe, hon?”

“Yeah, I think so,” was her reply. She just shrugged. He came back up to the register with candy and they left together, his arm around her waist.

I certainly hope she was right. I hope she didn’t get badgered by him later or pressured for sex. I hope he respected her boundaries. I hope he didn’t become angry and turn into a complete douche. I prayed for her safety, if I’m being candid.

As for “Rip and Beth,” I cannot express how much her costume triggered me. I was legitimately worried for that woman, as well as wary of the man that was with her. I realize that they were portraying characters from a popular TV show; however, it’s just normalizing and making fun of women inside of violence. It’s desensitizing people to think that is normal. THAT is NOT normal!!!

I love fall weather and Halloween season, but let’s keep it fun and G-rated, people. I know that adults dress up, but let’s do it for nostalgia and not sex appeal. Adults drink during Halloween and eat alarming amounts of sugar, but let’s keep ourselves in our right mind and not lose our boundaries. What if there are people who are victimized later in the evening? What if there are people really beat-up and walking around like that — most people would assume it’s a costume. I did the complete opposite. Halloween is already supposed to be “spooky season.” Let’s not make is unsafe and shallow. I called tonight “shalloween,” because it truly was.

I promise I’m not trying to become a Scrooge, but I AM almost 50 years old…aw, crap! I’m becoming a cantankerous ole woman! I really think it might be the lack of sugar, but IDK. I just want everyone to be safe and have fun and be as carefree this time of year as we were when we were children!

Love and light and safety! <3