In honor of October being DV Awareness Month, I decided to re-read this little gem. I read it super quickly, last year, before I watched the Netflix “limited series” of the same name. I got to digest it better this time, seeing a few things that I don’t remember. I wanted to re-read it also in order to review it adequately.

“Maid” by Stephanie Land is a heartwarming and eye-opening memoir that captivates readers with its raw honesty and inspiring journey. Stephanie Land takes us on a remarkable ride through her life, sharing her struggles as a single mother battling poverty and the obstacles she faces while working as a maid to make ends meet. I could relate, because she was also battling escaping from domestic abuse, as well as the struggles that freedom brings. I, too, have had to take less-than-meaningful jobs to make ends meet. The food deficit is also VERY real and scary.

The book paints a vivid picture of Land’s resilience and determination as she navigates the challenging world of low-wage work, all while caring for her young daughter. Her storytelling is both poignant and relatable, making it easy for readers to connect with her experiences.

What makes “Maid” truly special is Land’s ability to find beauty and hope in even the most difficult circumstances. Her unwavering love for her daughter shines through every page, and her determination to provide a better life for them both is truly inspiring. During this whole story, she never loses her love for writing.

This memoir is not only a testament to one woman’s strength but also a call for empathy and understanding for those who often go unnoticed in our society. “Maid” is a moving and empowering read that reminds us of the power of resilience, the importance of compassion, and the possibility of overcoming adversity. Stephanie Land’s story is an inspiration to us all. I especially appreciated her internal dialog, which almost makes me wonder if Ms. Land can hear my thoughts!?!

Stephanie Land, the author, is coming out with the sequal, “Class,” due out November 7, 2023. I couldn’t wait, so I ordered an “advanced readers'” copy off of eBay. Once I read that, I will review that book as well. I cannot recommend Ms. Land’s book enough! I feel as though reading the sequel will be an equal pleasure! I highly recommend! <3