What thing did you ‘do,’ you might be thinking? I submitted for a very coveted position: the Chief Steps Officer position that was highly publicized on social media and in fitness outlets, through Gymbird.com. I cannot obtain it if I don’t try, to be fair.

Will they pick me? Probably not. I promise I’m not selling myself short, it’s just the likelihood of it actually happening is pretty slim — statistically, that is. Do I think I have what it takes to fill and exceed their expectations? YES I DO!

I also realize I am not young, that I have health issues, that I work two jobs, that I survived violence (and that is NOT trendy), and I don’t have the “look.” I am not thin, although I feel like I’m getting fitter by the day. I started doing what I am doing for health. I want to feel good and then looking better follows suit. I also have slight wrinkles but I did do something that I called out in the video that I did as part of the application process: I told them they’re seeing me au natural, due to the fact that I’m real and I don’t wear makeup while I”m working out. LOL!

The reason that I applied, aside from wanting it badly, is that I’m a real person. A common person. I represent the older demographic. I represent older women who are going through the “midlife pudge.” I am borderline diabetic, so I represent the statistics that are going through health challenges. I represent asthmatics, so that I can model how I modify my routine around health conditions I’m doing battle with. I represent the working class, holding a full-time and part-time job respectively. I represent those who have endured violence. I want the victims/survivors to know that freedom is possible and we can push through anything trauma ever threw at us — so working in fitness ought to be a cinch. Also, I love how much my fitness helps my mental health and I ALWAYS promote that benefit!

So, I did the thing and I feel VERY accomplished…even though I probably won’t be chosen. Winning isn’t the objective, but to have fought well and with honor. I did my utmost and I will follow on social media whomever they do choose, because I know that I was considered and worthy.

You can see my video submission below: