So, you’re probably thinking…what’s next, Laura?

So my blog talks about my experiences with domestic abuse, resources to help prevent and/or escape DV, mental health resources and articles, and a spiritual connection to all of it. While I do talk A LOT about women’s rights, this blog is for ANYONE who has endured abuse!

That being said, I want to continue making my Blog a safe place for EVERYONE I realize that the majority of abuse victims are women, and being a woman myself, that’s my personal perspective that I can speak from. However, I want more stories from men and that pertain to their stories of abuse. I want members of the LGTBQ+ to share their stories and concerns, as well. Abuse is abuse. It knows no gender or sexual preference or race or economic background. It’s an aggressor and a victim. Plain and simple.

I also am trying to add the ability to start a micro podcast, adding verbal insight to my Blog. It’s simply a timing issue, to be completely honest. I’d love for my Blog to be my P/T job and just have a F/T job to work, but here I am working two jobs and trying to grow a Blog. I want to consistently issue out posts daily, writing them the day before, so people can have all day to read the current day’s post. Again, it’s all about timing.

I also plan on eventually adding downloadable, printable resources to help my readership. I would also like to add more associated media to the Blog’s YouTube Channel, TikTok, and Instagram & FB Reels/Stories. I am also working on eBooks, for DV survivors and victims, to download and read.

I also am wanting to run more “Survivor Stories”, more petitions and requests for readers to help participate in social/research studies about the effects of abuse. I am also very active in the law-making process and want to report out more on that and DV education reform. I’m currently writing a course on surviving trauma, to be distributed on Coursera. Of course, these are all goals…but I am just one little woman with two jobs and much responsibility.

I would also very much would like to partner with a therapy group, specifically online, in order to provide therapy —-at least three sessions of it for free, to help get someone on their journey to healing! That’s one of the main things that DV survivors always say they wished they had more of: therapy/counseling. I’d love to help be a catalyst for change of that lacking element of advocacy!

To sum up my declaration for the future: I keep doing my part to win the lottery, but I still keep plugging away at the blogging thing, trying to change the world!

Love and light! <3