I have drastically changed my diet, in order to help my health change directions. While it has, this permanent diet change HAS to be accompanied by vigorous exercise. There really is NO way around that, regardless of what people say or look for work arounds (to avoid exercise).

So, I have been walking. Laura no longer does running unless something is chasing her. My insurance company stated that I am entitled to a free FitBit, so I chose the FitBit Charge 5, even though I had an ancient Charge 2 with a cracked face — BUT it still worked and did the job. Anyway, in order to keep the new one, I have to try to get 10,000 steps per day in as a part of the sponsored program. I am ecstatic to be included! I want to pay this good fortune forward by giving my “previously loved” FitBit to someone who needs it!

So, I have been killing myself to exercise every day and get at least 10,000 steps. I’m currently in a contest, as long as I achieve 10,000 steps per day, I continue into the contest. There’s $5,000 at stake! Woohoo!

While I have a pretty slim chance of winning the $5K, I do like having something to hold me accountable. I have been making adjustments to make sure I have, at least, 30 minutes per day to exercise, but it’s becoming more like 45 to 60 minutes collectively. Thankfully, I’ve noticed the boost in energy!

Sundays are no different. I realize God wants us to “rest” on Sunday, but self-care can be a part of that rest. It doesn’t have to be as vigorous, but it does need to be relaxing. Hiking, versus power walking, is still exercise. It causes endorphins, our pleasure chemicals, to kick in and make us feel wonderful! I have allowed so many people to treat me unkindly, to abuse me one way or the other, I totally owe me…meaning, I am being kinder with myself and taking care of myself. I am pretty awesome, and the Bible does say that we should treat our body as a temple. I also sometimes love doing Yoga on Sundays, to slow things down but also still keep exercising!

I’ve also noticed the “trickle down” effect of exercise, where I need it to also help regulate my mood and calm and center me. I am now trying to make time to get enough sleep, but that has proven harder than I realized. As a working woman, time is at a premium, so I stay up later than I want to! My next endeavor is to tackle “resting.”

Love and light! <3