This is Post #1 for Day #1, for the DV Walking Wounded blog! <3

It’s time again for me to participate in the Ultimate Blog Challenge! I have been starting these challenges for the last year, get well into them, and then something comes up and I’m not able to finish…well, this month is different because I’M DOING IT! I’m going to start and successfully finish the challenge!!!!

If you are not familiar with the challenges, it is basically a writing prompt, emailed by UBC, every day for a month, in order to help bloggers get out more content, as well as more exposure for themselves and discover other bloggers to network with!

This is an excellent FREE tool, as well as offers quite a bit of support for if you are new, intermediate, or even an advanced blogger. It happens in January, July, and October every year — all you have to do is sign up on the website above to participate! You can sign up two weeks prior to the first of the month of the challenge, or sign-up to be notified about the start of the next challenge.

What are you waiting for? If you have a blog, definitely see what it’s about. It’s really helped to get my blog out in front of more and more people! It’s amazing!

#blogboost #blogchallenge