So, I am trying to provide as many resources that will help DV victims and survivors to “survive and thrive,” as they helped me! I highly recommend this site, as it keeps growing and improving.

I used to be an extreme couponer, but I will let you in on a little secret: it’s VERY time-consuming. I still use coupons, shop sales, shop certain things at specific stores (because I know where they are the lowest price), rebates, etc. However, I have recently discovered becoming a “penny shopper,” where sites like this one publish closeout prices, as most store apps have barcode scanners for items in their stores. OMG! This is amazing!

First, I will list all of the great facets of this site, then I’ll get to how it helped me! They have it broken down by deals/sales/coupons by store, coupons by category, and deals so crazy that they have to list them (and have them streaming on the website). I LOVE this site! They are the ones that taught me about coupon “stacking,” which is using a manufacturers coupon and a store coupon to get the item for the lowest price…sometimes they’d share about rebates on top of that, which can cause you to be paid to take the item. It’s mind blowing, I KNOW…saving money is intoxicating!

Now, on to becoming a “Penny Shopper.” I accepted a part-time job at Dollar General, who also allows manufacturer and store coupon stacking BTW, a lady came in with an armload of washcloths and bowls and mugs and kitchen canisters. Her haul would have cost her $40 retail, but she left after paying $4. WHAAAAAAAAT???

The assistant manager explained that she was a “Penny Shopper” and went on sites (like KrazyCouponLady) and found out what’s being clearanced out of certain stores and hitting all of those stores in the area. She may utilize those items personally or sell them as “close outs” in a fleamarket booth for 50% of retail, which is still a deal to someone else. As someone who recently survived a fire, I would have used ALL of what she purchased for my personal use! OMG!

So, I have done my first “Penny Shop” and bought a pack of 4 wash clothes that were normally $1, for 10 cents for the bundle. I bought the remaining 7 bundles. I. Am. In. Heaven! I’m currently doing research on different stores, but this site can definitely help you find the deals! And, if the store has purchase coupons that are “rebates” or “earned rewards” for their store, you can use that, along with purchasing other things, to get those items for possibly free. *Mind blown*

I hope this helps everyone! Spending less, getting more = better mental health and personal satisfaction!