Daily writing prompt
Do you remember your favorite book from childhood?

I am using this as a multipurpose blog post: both for WordPress’ Daily Writing Prompt (see above) AND LongandShortReviews.com’s Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Older Books People Should Read.

First, I think we should NEVER lose touch with our favorite childhood books when we become older adults. Rediscovering them keeps us young and reminiscent, as well as having something to connect to our kids and grandkids with. Re-reading your favorite childhood books is much like visiting with an old, familiar friend you hadn’t seen in years — but know instantly.

I had two books that were closely tied as my favorites. In fact, I loved them so much, that I made my Dad alternate the books nightly. Poor man. I think he could recite them by heart, he read them so much.

They were City Cats, Country Cats and Arty the Smarty. The City Cats book had a really great cadence and pentameter, while Arty was just a funny, clever book. I mean, fish laughing bubbles underwater — how does it get ANY better than that???