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It was a combination of both a conversation with a friend AND overhearing my BF watch an episode of NCIS, to remind me of my disgust with cultures abusing women into complying with their beliefs, or killing them as traitors and dissenters. Digusting!

What I am referring to is, simply, the abuse of women, not bashing different cultures and/or religions. Please do NOT mistake that. However, I cannot abide a spiritual practice that abuses women. Period. I am very tolerant, as America was established in part to be a haven for religious practices…just don’t bring abuse and murder here with it. Just. Don’t!

The NCIS episode he was watching dealt with “honor killings,” a middle-eastern practice of killing a woman that won’t submit to their religious/cultural practices. The young woman in the role was being sexually abused by men in her own family, whom were also trying to marry her off. Some young women were assuming identities to get away from this toxic scenario, only to be found and killed, for dishonoring her family (for non-compliance), by her own family. OMG! Abuse is an accepted practice in these marriages, if they continue, as well as marital rape. I commend those women for trying to get away, risking death in that scenario — knowing that it would still be better than the death sentence that the marriage would definitely be. Knowing that it could later include precious children, which would start the cycle all over again — and not wanting to participate in the perpetual, vicious circle of life. They do not want to foresake their culture or religion, they just don’t want to die!

In India, women are still married off for doweries, and if the prospective husband’s family’s requirements aren’t met, the bride gets burned. Yes, you understood that correctly, they set the woman on fire for not bringing more assets to the husband’s family. Women are chattel, negotiable household inventory. Men have even been known to marry the bride, after negotiations are completed, then go back to her family demanding more money. When the Bride’s family cannot pay any more, he sets her on fire, in hope that she will die and he can marry a wealthier family’s young woman. Women are dying from pure financial greed!! Life is precious and priceless! Sickening to the millionth degree!

I could be mistaken, but slavery ended A LONG ASS time ago!

I also recently learned about a current American trending practice called “Passport Bros,” where American young men are going to European countries to find educated, cultured, compliant women to bring back and marry. But why??? Because maybe American women have discovered their worth??? I admit that some US women get carried away, maybe being “too woke,” wanting to be worshiped like a goddesses — which is NOT a healthy relationship AT ALL. There has to be give and take, to make any long-term relationship work. The Passport Bros deserve to have give and take, but it gives me “controlling” vibes too, which don’t set well with me. It sounds too much like mail-order brides to me…which could mean those Passport Bros could be off looking for another woman at a later date, when their imported mates become “woke” also?

Relationships these days, are too crazy…it really doesn’t matter where you are in the world. Abuse abounds.