Over the weekend, I was shopping at Walmart. As I was pushing my cart one way down an isle, another woman (with two young children), was pushing her cart toward me. She was wearing a shirt similar to the one in the picture above. Sorry in advance for the *harsh* language on the shirt, but it IS a very strong word for a strong subject!

We made eye contact and we both smiled at each other.

“I LOVE your shirt,” I told her. “I survived DV.”

“Me too,” she said, still smiling while her young children were chatting. The kiddos looked as though they were both under the age of four. While I really liked her shirt, I was privately pleased they both were too young to read and understand it.

As we passed and she was somewhat behind me, I heard her exclaim the following statement, verbatim, to her children: “Oh my goodness! Your Dad is simply going to beat me senseless if I don’t get this while I’m at the store.” The children started giggling, as she put what she was referencing into the cart.

Um, wait a minute, WHAAAAAAT? Did she really just say that??? I stopped short and turned around in disbelief, but she and the kids were walking away and still chatting. As I walked toward the checkout, I wondered if she was currently with an abuser OR if that was just a poor choice of words at an ironic time? I guess I will never know…*SIGH*