Daily writing prompt
What is your favorite type of weather?

So, everyone loves sunny days. It’s easy! I love being out in the sun, despite being a “ginger.” It makes me feel good, plain and simple.

However, I love rainy days for the following reasons:

  • You can smell it coming
  • It washing all things outside clean and makes it smell as such
  • All things living need to be rehydrated
  • It refreshes the earth and makes things grow
  • The sound of rain hitting a copper or tin roof is delightful, as is the thunder/lightning show of a storm
  • Spring showers make for beautiful and vibrant Fall colors
  • You can stay inside and be lazy, pursuing reading and writing (well, maybe just me)

So, those are my reasons. Rainy days also make sunny days SO much brighter! You cannot know joy without spending time in the darkness! <3