MENTAL HEALTH MONDAYS: January is National Stalking Awareness Month


I would be remiss if I didn’t address that January is National Stalking Awareness month. I know, we are at the END of January, but better late than never!

So, what is stalking? Stalking is a form of harassment. Specifically, stalking is harassing or persecuting someone with unwanted and obsessive attention, normally, in a very stealthy manner. This can include cyberstalking (online/digital) and traditional stalking, usually physically. The victim of stalking can be known to the stalker or unknown.

I was stalked by my abusive Ex, as a form of control. First he did it while we were married, to see where I went and who I was talking to, then had others do it for him after the protective order. People who stalk others usually have a disregard for privacy, laws, safety and security of the victim. A friend of mine was stalked by someone she didn’t know, who just happened to become infatuated with her. Stalking, regardless, can be frightening!

What can you do if you’re being stalked? First and foremost, be safe! Carry pepper spray, or another weapon, as well as have people walk you out to your vehicle. DO NOT go walking alone. Contact the police, if needed, as it starts a paper trail or history of the stalking. Change of your routine. Do not post current events to your social media account, posting them afterwards (Social media can divulge location). Turn off location on all of your smart devices. Change the locks where you live, if needed, as well as your phone number. Always let others know where you are going and when you will be back. Do not post your schedule anywhere. Document any and all interactions in a journal. These actions could help save your life, because who knows if they want to do you harm!?!

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