I know, when I initially went through getting away from my abuser, I took some online classes in things that interested me, in order to get my mind off of the chaos that was going on — even for a moment. I also wanted to better myself, but the focusing on something else REALLY helped me out, immensely!

I love learning and knowledge. I have an MBA but still challenge myself to do better and be better and find out more. I will definitely post these academic institutions that offer FREE courses, in the “Freedom Resources” posts. I chose Hillsdale College to be first because they offer some courses I REALLY want to take, but cannot right now…I am currently in the year-long Give Her Wings Program, as well as working full-time and blogging.

I embedded this YouTube video, do you can see what you can expect:

Hillsdale College’s link is above, so peruse their courses and pick a free one that resonates with you. I’m REALLY interested in the Intro to the Constitution one, because I am both a Federal employee AND active in my local community as a Voting Inspector during voting season. I strive to understand my country and government better and better all the time! Hillsdale also offers quite a few religious and spiritual-based courses, such as one on CS Lewis, author of the Chronicles of Narnia books series.

So, be sure and pick a course and learn something new! <3 Love and light and knowledge!

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