NOTE: This post talks about victim/survivor safety, as well as child pornography and kidnapping.

I will tell anyone and everyone to NOT post everything on social media. I mean how did we stalk people before social media? Timestamps and “check in’s” give everything away! We all really don’t need to know. Why not? Well, we don’t need to know because it’s for your personal safety and your family’s…especially in light of DV and the rampant child pornography. I’m highlighting victims/survivors and their children, but anyone can take heed of this advice!

Due to all of the recent “back-to-school” photos this month, which I personally love to see, please be cautious! If you have an emergency protective order (EPO) or just plain had to go into hiding as a victim/survivor, please, please, PLEASE do not post where your child is going to school and/or their teacher’s name. If your abuser is having his/her “flying monkeys” scour social media, you just gave them all the information they need to report back, so your child could be contacted and/or kidnapped! Just post their first name, if you must post. You can also “black out” the info if you use one of those cute little chalkboards, but I’m going to highlight later on in this post how you need to do the “blackout” for your child’s safety! Knowing your child’s location also notifies them to yours…food for thought…

Child pornography is also rampant, despite all of the negative press. I know we all want to believe the best of people, BUT pedophiles will steal your child’s photo and post them to some sick, sick websites for other pedophiles. So, if ALL your child’s info is posted with the back-to-school photo, that opens them up to being kidnapped by a sadistic stranger to be kept for themselves or shared into child sex trafficking! I’m sorry, but I’m not going to sugarcoat this AT ALL. Their safety is of the utmost importance!!!

In this same topic, the darling baby’s newborn or “first bath” pictures are sweet, but might just need to be kept private. Taking the picture and using a photo editor to scribble out the genitals is not the only thing that needs to be done. Those pictures, when copied, can have that layer removed. Did you all realize that??? If you MUST post these, and I strongly urge that you DO NOT, once you scribble out the private parts, take a screenshot of the picture and post that screenshot. There is now no layer to be able to remove to literally expose your baby. The vital information on back-to-school photos can be done that way too, as well as license plate numbers on vehicles you’re photographing/selling, etc.

Lastly, please keep in mind that when you share pictures with grandparents, aunts/uncles, etc., please tell them to ask your permission if they want to post on social media or share. It’s just a courtesy. If they’re earnest, they’ll be all about the child’s safety, not to mention yours too! I’ve been known not to share photos with them digitally until they promise!

I also wanted to add a few more “tips.” Posting pictures while on vacation tells things too! By now, you’re going to be careful about posting bathing suit photos of your kids, but if you are posting WHILE on vacation, that tells potential burglars or haters that you aren’t home and your abode is liable for theft of contents inside the house, mail, pets, vehicles, etc. Please, wait and post when you return! The same goes for “check-ins.” If anyone is stalking you, you’re also giving them the means to follow you easily! They know what you’re wearing and whom you’re with (if you tagged anyone)

Stay safe my friends! And keep your babies close!