Did Johnny Depp just “play” the American public??? Sealed records are now being released concerning Johnny’s text messages that the judge in the Depp v. Heard defamation trial, and they aren’t favorable. The judge ruled them as “irrelevant” to the case, but do they shed a light on Johnny Depp’s true character??? Could JD be a covert narcissist???

We all know Johnny clearly has more money, has addiction issues like many in Hollywood, and has a larger following and more high-end movies than Amber. However, in the sealed and inadmissible documents, he and Marilyn Manson, another accused abuser, shared texts back and forth lamenting about their women; specifically, they were “slut-shaming “Johnny’s ex-wife Amber, and MM’s current wife, whom he refers to “Amber 2.0.” JD shared nude pics of Amber, as well as information about Amber’s previous gig as a stripper and a possible “escort.” I realize JD and MM were sounding off, as buddies…or were they?? Are they two narcissists comparing notes? Manson is an admitted masochist, but their relationship as friends has been a bit more than suspect to me for a while now. The texts also contain a few different times where JD apologized, specifically one instance for kicking Amber on a plane, citing his “illness cropped up again” and he “let her down.” Illness? Would that be anger? Addiction? Regardless, he didn’t actually say, “I’m sorry” — a common red flag for identifying a narcissist.

Many celebs are “unliking” JD’s posts, as celebrity-watchers are noting who liked whom’s posts (Johnny or Amber), and now which celebs deselecting their “like” reactions on JD’s. Change of heart? Error in judgment? I believe we might all be there, folks. He is also gloating by singing ‘Dog With a 7-Year Itch,” which is a reported slam to his ex-wife

Amber Heard, reportedly, sold her Yuca, CA home for $1.05 million. I know she has a significant other and a small child. However, where will they live now? I know THAT fear, although I didn’t have a significant other at the time, but had three children. I could understand her selling her home to pay her debts. I couldn’t afford mine and had to move, so he could take it over. Of course, I got my house back because he could not afford the payments. He then told people that since I assumed the marital debt, it was because I admitted guilt in cheating on him. WTF??? No, jackwagon, it’s so our three children could have a proper home! Plus, if my name was on it, even as a “co” I had to own my portion. It was he who didn’t pay his part, so the debtors submitted everything to my bankruptcy, to get paid. See how easily believable that was? See how it wasn’t what it truly seemed?

I just hope that they both go their separate ways and survive and live their lives. I just have to say that JD is clearly a better actor than AH. I feel played and betrayed and do not know what to believe. I wish them BOTH healing and success in their future endeavors and in life!