A HUGE congratulations to my friend and colleague, Misty Chaviers, podcaster for the I’m A Survivor podcast!!! If you haven’t heard it yet, please go to:

I’m A Survivor Podcast

Misty podcasts about all things dealing with domestic abuse: getting out of abuse, survivor stories, therapists/coaches, success after abuse…and, well, SO MUCH MORE!

I’ve been interviewed by Misty and she is the sweetest, most easy going person you will ever meet. She puts guests at ease and just chats with them, as if it were simply a friendly chat over coffee. Survivors have been through hell, and she knows that because she is a survivor and thriver — that’s what I found most refreshing about my podcast with her. Survivors don’t need hard-core questions or pressure…and there is nothing but love and kindness on her podcast!

Please consider giving a listen to her podcast, as well as DomesticShelters.org, the sponsor of the Purple Ribbon awards. There is SO MUCH information on that site, you won’t regret checking it out and bookmarking it (to refer to again later).

Love and light! Purple light!