“Be the change you wish to see in this world.” — Mahatma Gandhi

I am the type of person that will voice their opinion, but I also walk the walk, meaning, I am willing to make change instead of just complain about it. Anyone can complain. When I was a high school teacher, that’s what I used to preach in my classroom, such as if you do not like the current politicians, vote and try and change it. At least you are trying to do something. Stand for something or you will fall for anything!

I am a survivor of sexual and domestic violence, who was tortured by her abuser after I left, as you may or may not know. I can heal myself, but what about the laws (or lack thereof) to protect me? There were ambiguous laws that I was following to the letter, but my abuser would get out of jail only to torment me some more! What about other DV survivors? Another local lady, with the same first name as mine, wasn’t so lucky. She died in 2016, a year prior to my final episode of abuse, because her abuser killed her — due to the judge not being able to hold him. This judge had jurisdiction over my abuser too! I was beyond scared.

I could live in fear OR, try to do something. The state bill to change the laws got denied, so I decided to revive it with my local State Representative. I started a petition on Change.org. I listed it on Facebook, linking the State Representative. I listed the petition on over 200 media Facebook walls. I emailed everyone I knew. Within 2 hours of all of this, the State Representative contacted me personally. Long story short: Laura’s Law is sitting again, during this state session, waiting to be heard and voted on. State Representative Zach Payne is co-authoring it with another State Rep. I have to help make change! I could’ve died, like Laura Russell. I didn’t, so I have made this my mission. Laura Russell didn’t die in vain and abuse needs to come to light!

Please sign my petition, if you are so inclined: https://chng.it/KkVLR7mt

Be the change…only YOU have the power…