I forgot to post this yesterday, as I knew it was Elder Abuse Awareness Day, but didn’t. My extreme apologies! Elder abuse IS a part of domestic abuse and is often minimalized. I did, however, take a training at work on Preventing Elder Financial Manipulation. Too many people pray on elders for a few reasons. The main reasons include that the abuser wants to use the elder person’s financial resources (for the abuser’s gain), knowing they’re too weak and/or confused to fight back OR the elderly person has health issues that require A LOT of physical care and the abuser simply can’t be bothered to take care of elder properly and/or they feel it is too much work.

During my training, the presentation spoke of NAPSA, the National Adult Protective Services Organization, who gave they startling statistics:

  • 90% of abusers/scammers/wrongdoers are someone the elderly person knows OR who has regular access to them.
  • 1 in 44 cases are reported, because the elderly person does not want to get their known person(s) in trouble with the law.

Please take a look at my Blog’s Resource page for more places to consult. If you suspect elder abuse, please call your local Adult Protective Services right away!