PROMPT: Why do you blog and what does it meant to you?

I began blogging on December 22, 2019. I did at the urging of my therapist. I had to discontinue treatment with my therapist, as it was time to get into the “nuts and bolts” of the dynamic of abuse. I had to tell him that I couldn’t go through that with him, due to him being male. He nodded reassuringly, telling me that he understood. There were no women therapists for me to continue with that didn’t have an 8 to 12 week waiting list. He did make me promise to continue telling my story and journalling, as well as speaking my truth outloud. I promised him I would.

I then met a lovely gentleman while I was working my social services job who talked about his podcast that he did, when he could, letting local people talk about pressing issues. I contacted him later on, through Facebook, as I remembered the name of his Podcast (I listened to a few episodes), to see if he would consider letting me talk about being a DV survivor, during October (DV Awareness month). He was excited to do so. So we chatted over IM and via phone, planning the Podcast. It was my very first Podcast and I was nervous!

After doing that podcast, and then later hearing it, I felt very empowered! My new friend told me to keep telling my story and advocating for women. He died less than a week later. I was devistated! Mine was his LAST podcast!

I started looking for other Podcast guesting opportunities, but then started looking at starting a blog, as low-to-no-cost as possible. I was a writer once, and my Abuser wouldn’t allow it when we were together. I loved writing! I wasn’t with him, so I could write anytime I wanted — RIGHT!?!?! OMG, THE POSSIBILITIES!

I ultimately wanted to help people, but I also wanted to heal. I had NO idea how healing writing about surviving abuse could be. My Blog was part editorial, part advice, part resources, part mental health reporting. My Blog was born and was starting gaining readership. It was then when I decided to purchase a domain name and hosting, which was a huge leap for a single mother on one income!

I continue to write to both help others and myself. I have a story inside me that I’m slowly getting out. I am receiving responses from people thanking me for my help, appreciating the information from my posts! I am healing and growing as a person and a writer! It’s glorious and better than I even imagined it could be!

Thank you, dear reader, for helping me continue to spread my mission! Love and light! <3