Rantings of a Mad, Middle-Aged Mama…

I like to keep things light in the humor department…especially in light of all the hard days of my past and the recent losses…basically, in general. Life is hard. No one told me, when I was younger, about distressing things that I would come across during my aging process. I am forty-eight, which is nearlyContinue reading “Rantings of a Mad, Middle-Aged Mama…”

Spectrum of Success

I need to brag for a moment on this young man…he survived abuse right along with me and is now doing awesome! He’s almost done with junior high school, which has been rocky, let me tell you…now, he’s just joined Planet Fitness’ summer program, signed up to start community college which will go right alongContinue reading “Spectrum of Success”

Getting Right in the Head

***NOTE: this post was supposed to “autopublish” and was scheduled for May 2nd. I apologize for its lateness and for technical difficulties!*** I wanted to apologize to my readers for not writing for literally two months…I needed time to think and reflect and get my head straight. I’ve had A LOT going on personally andContinue reading “Getting Right in the Head”