Supreme Mistake

So let’s talk about this Roe V. Wade overturned decision. This concerns me greatly. I personally cannot condone killing an innocent unborn baby. However, as a public servant, I know that if we don’t keep it legal and safe and sanitary, that SO many more people are going to die. Pro-lifers, which I am personallyContinue reading “Supreme Mistake”

My Life, According to Pat Benatar

I had no idea, when I was a preteen and had newly discovered MTV, that one of my favorite 80’s singers was literally going to narrate my adult life. That is, I didn’t realize it until last night… My Love and I saw Pat Benatar in concert. God bless him, she’s not his style ofContinue reading “My Life, According to Pat Benatar”

Respect Your Elders!

I was remiss, to talk about a little mentioned part of domestic abuse, on June 15th. June 15th was World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, with June being Elder Abuse Awareness month. Like many of the facets of domestic abuse, elder abuse is not talked about enough. Most people feel like domestic abuse is DEFINITELY onlyContinue reading “Respect Your Elders!”

TV Show Review: Fight or Flight

Thanks to Facebook for their advertising of Discovery+ Channel [subscription], I found a new show that I’d like to recommend: Fight or Flight. I’ve embedded the YouTube [official] trailer above. Please know that it references things that MAY be TRIGGERING for some! This six episode docu-series follows former Bollywood actress, turned social activist and domesticContinue reading “TV Show Review: Fight or Flight”

Beautiful Efforts

I love how Mary Kay cosmetics has always had a campaign against domestic abuse. I just recently bought one of their limited-edition heart-shaped lipsticks that is going to help to fund this campaign. MK lipsticks are THE BEST, so this one didn’t disappoint! Years ago, when I was newly-married and newly a mother, I signedContinue reading “Beautiful Efforts”


I was informed of my Mom’s cancer just days after the final abuse episode in 2017. In the days following the final violent altercation and my abuser going to jail, my Dad told me the news. Ever since, I have tied the two traumas together. Really only related by the trauma toll they took onContinue reading “#Heartbroken”

Post-Trial Amber

Now that THE Hollywood trial is over, I have to say, regardless of how you feel about Amber Heard, I feel incredibly sorry for her, post-trial. Apologies if it sounds like I’m making her out to be like ‘Malibu Barbie;’ that is NOT my intention. I was not personally convinced by her testimony, initially. SheContinue reading “Post-Trial Amber”

Not Exactly How I Pictured It

My oldest is transgender. I am supportive, but admit I don’t totally understand. I have come to terms with the fact that people must do what makes them happy, what makes them THEM, or they won’t have lived a fulfilled life. I am an Ally. I have had to defend my child’s choices, to theContinue reading “Not Exactly How I Pictured It”

Do NOT Lose the Lesson

My children all live with me, so I take care of A LOT of people. My finances are already stretched thin, especially after my bankruptcy takes its major cut. I feel like Mickey Mouse slicing the bread tissue-paper-thin in Jack and the Beanstalk. (NOTE: Just using these for reference, Disney, just using it for reference!)Continue reading “Do NOT Lose the Lesson”

Cut It Out Certified

I am now certified and on the Professional Beauty Association at a certified trainer of Beauty Salon owners and employees to recognize DV, as well as assist the victim. I am beyond pleased that I can offer this service! Solving DV starts seeking out where it hides: behind closed doors. Hair stylists and beauty consultantsContinue reading “Cut It Out Certified”