What I’ve Discovered…

Since I have had to deal with three major deaths in the last few weeks, here is what I have concluded about death, thus far, and in no particular order: It doesn’t matter whom has passed away, it’s my job as a mother to tell my children “in person”…someone’s death is not text-able news andContinue reading “What I’ve Discovered…”

Comfortably Numb, Part 2

I had to tell my Abuser of my Mom’s passing. I didn’t want to, but when he booked the airline flight for our youngest, I urged him to get the insurance because we knew her passing was coming. I texted him, simply, that she’d passed and that I’d keep him posted on the details ofContinue reading “Comfortably Numb, Part 2”


I was informed of my Mom’s cancer just days after the final abuse episode in 2017. In the days following the final violent altercation and my abuser going to jail, my Dad told me the news. Ever since, I have tied the two traumas together. Really only related by the trauma toll they took onContinue reading “#Heartbroken”