TV Show Review: Fight or Flight

Thanks to Facebook for their advertising of Discovery+ Channel [subscription], I found a new show that I’d like to recommend: Fight or Flight. I’ve embedded the YouTube [official] trailer above. Please know that it references things that MAY be TRIGGERING for some! This six episode docu-series follows former Bollywood actress, turned social activist and domesticContinue reading “TV Show Review: Fight or Flight”

Cut It Out Certified

I am now certified and on the Professional Beauty Association at a certified trainer of Beauty Salon owners and employees to recognize DV, as well as assist the victim. I am beyond pleased that I can offer this service! Solving DV starts seeking out where it hides: behind closed doors. Hair stylists and beauty consultantsContinue reading “Cut It Out Certified”

State Legislation Watch

With my involvement with the re-viving of “Laura’s Law,” I have found some other interesting pending legislation that would be in the realm of “must watch,” as they deal with aspects of domestic abuse. Also, being a DV advocate, it’s good to keep tabs on such things. I am reporting for my state of Indiana;Continue reading “State Legislation Watch”

Warrior Mode Activated

Maybe it sounds corny, to which I honestly don’t care, but I’ve decided to choose an intention word for 2022 — a theme, if you will It always seems as though I have themes at work, daily, and it’s as if God is seeing if I’m paying attention. It makes me laugh and gives meContinue reading “Warrior Mode Activated”