While I love coupons and rebates, those aren’t always available. This site has a little something for everyone, especially when it helps you save money on things that you normally buy — not to mention it opens you up to look for MORE savings everywhere you go.

The Freebie Guy is a great resource for all things “savings.” Not everything listed on the site is “free,” but he retains that name because that is how he got is start: by listing freebies that you can obtain. Now it’s “freebies” and sales and all things savings.

I’d followed him a while back, but what got me re-interested in his site is his list of Dollar General “penny” buys. I started working at DG, part-time, so when a lady opened my eyes up to this phenomenon, while I was ringing up her purchases, I could NOT un-see it!!! Whoa!

Freebie Guy’s site/blog offers the following: deals, freebies (especially birthday ones), sweepstakes/contests, outlets, tips on savings, and SO much more! If you’re not a cheapskate now, you WILL BE!

Now, I never shop online unless I consult this site, as well as Google “coupon codes”…even when ordering pizza!!!