Mental health, especially for women, can include changes in our appearance — both good and bad. However, I had to make some changes for positive mental health. It HAD to be done, in order to keep the mental health demons, so to speak, at bay! LOL!

I’ve had more color added to my Wonder Woman “Girl Power” tattoo recently, so I’m including updated photos in this post. Wonder Woman has been my favorite [superhero] since I was two years old and watched Lynda Carter play her on my favorite television show. I always wished I could be a strong and powerful warrior woman, ever since I was a wee tyke, so I wanted what looked like a comic book mock-up of WW on my arm. Side Note: it also helps cover some scars from my abuse, such as where I was burned with cigarettes, as well as broken blood vessels that I appeared where I was harshly grabbed and mishandled, and scars from other injuries from my abuser. This cover-up is really helping me not to be reminded and triggered by seeing these remnants of former abuse injuries, but I really think it helps me believe that I’m a “bad ass” for everything that I survived. I love it — BUT, I haven’t shown my own father yet…gulp…I know I’m nearly 50 years old, but still…none-the-less, I still am in love with it! I’ll post more once I get the final colors put on it. I think I might be addicted to the endorphin rush I get from getting tattoos, but this last session REALLY hurt…probably because I am also 50 lbs down on my weight, so I most likely lost some of my [fat] padding that absorbs the shock of the tattoo needle!

I’ve also gotten my hair drastically cut and styled. Last year, I had COVID-19, which drastically thinned my hair, and the ketogenic diet has been a bit hard on my hair also — leaving it a bit dry and brittle, despite also taking vitamins. When the stylist was going through my hair, she was aghast about the volume of dead ends I had. I also hadn’t had my hair highlighted in three months, so my grays were DEFINITELY coming through, not to mention my roots were showing! Thankfully, my local Fantastic Sam’s has great stylists and I trust them explicitly. It was a little costly, but, hey, I think I’m worth it!

My tattoo and haircut, coupled with my 50 lbs of weight loss has really boosted my mood and my personal perception of myself. It shouldn’t, but I have to say it does. My BF recently asked if I was going through a “mid-life crisis.”

“No,” I stated, perplexed. “I think it’s just overdue maintenance and care. I’ve neglected myself so long, that I should be better at making myself a priority.”

“Well, you know,” he started. “Women going through these mid-life things sometimes go after younger men.”

I laughed. “Nah,” I assured him. “You’re IT. Plus, I’ve put in too much time and work into you to trade you in.” I hugged him and kissed his cheek. “You’re stuck with me.”

He mock rolled his eyes, smiled (and flashed dimples), and laughed. I’m glad he’s okay with a tattooed trauma mama like myself…and to be honest, I’m okay with me too, just as I am! <3