How does someone ask questions of this blog? Well, there are SEVERAL ways I can be communicated with…in no particular order…and most of this can be found on the Blog’s “Contact Us” page. If you are in any emminent danger, PLEASE call 9-1-1 without delay!

SAFETY TIP: Please, please, if you’re in active abuse, clear the cache and browsing history of the device you are on, and use the “Safety Exit” button, which pulls up another browser window to Amazon or the Weather Channel. Safety first, safety always!

1. Email: I can always be emailed questions. ALWAYS. Anytime. Seriously!

2. Text: Coming [back] soon! I will have another designated texting number, in order to protect my REAL phone number. Sadly, my previous one expired, so I have to get another one!

4. Voxer: On the “Contact Us” page on my Blog: https:// .me/contact. It offers the ability to confidentially record messages, especially if things are going on in the background.

3. Instant Messenger: (Facebook/Instagram/TikTok/Twitter/Whisper/YouTube/LinkedIN/Pinterest) — I don’t do SnapChat. This is probably the most instantaneous way to get ahold of me!

6. Website Form: Can be accessed from anywhere, even anonymously from a public computer.

5. Blog Comments: Got a comment about something I wrote about?

Please do reach out, if you need guidance, need resources, have suggestions or comments, or want to submit a “Saturday Survivor Stories” submission or want to do a guest post! It is literally why I do what I do! Love and light! <3