I started off graduating high school and getting into college as a journalism major. I wanted to write. In fact, I’ve wanted to be a writer ever since I learned to how to write as a child. However, when I married my Husband, I had no idea he would be threatened by my gift. My writing ability (in addition to the fact that I was very well-read and articulate) became a threat to my Abuser. I have NO idea why he felt as though I was wielding a weapon of mass destruction. I guess, in hindsight, I AM, with my speaking out against domestic abuse and the dangers of being involved with a narcissist.

The first rule of writing is to write about what you know. I write about mental health issues, as well as about surviving all the forms of domestic abuse I was subjected to for over twenty-three years. I have also been known to write about other survival modalities: parenting, raising children, dealing with major health diagnosis, and getting healthier. Getting older and experiencing more things blazes a path for others to learn, so it does have its advantages!

I love the craft of writing. I love the marriage of words, in order to get my point across. I love communication flowing through my fingertips and onto the screen. I love doing research on topics that I do not know at all and also those that I know a little about. I love looking up why things are accepted the way that they are AND dispelling myths. I love investigating statements and finding pertinent statistics…I’m a geek, I know…I’m going with it!

Blogging for me has been VERY healing…I didn’t think I could sit down and write a book about my life without being massively triggered. BUT, if I write about little things, quite frequently, I would unburden my heart and mind and process them. That would add up to then tackling big things! BOOM! Therapy! Things done in the dark always come to light! I do keep my Abuser anonymous. No need on him raining on my healing by him either trying to sue me or cash in…I want to continue to heal and of course help others. I am blazing a survivor trail! Please follow me!

Blogging is a necessity for mental health and processing, and books are a means of calming myself down and escaping into another world — distracting me from worries and freeing my mind. These liberties were once denied me, so that is why they are all such much more dear and necessary!