So, over the weekend, a “friend” sent me a link of where my former Abuser recently was interviewed by a TV station about being a “Good Samaritan,” by offering to teach people how to back their boat/boat trailer down the boat ramp properly. Um, wait, what??? Whom are they speaking of??? Can’t be!?!

Well, needless to say, he presents as a helpful guy who had put a post on Facebook about offering free training to those who need formal instruction on how to properly back their boat down the boat ramp to launch their boat, without putting their vehicle in the drink. Admirable. Definitely much needed.

HOWEVER, this is the same guy who would scream at me when we were married, because I didn’t back it down perfectly straight. The boat was all the way in, I didn’t sink or flood his truck, the prop wasn’t going to hit the ramp, and there was room for two more trucks and trailers beside me. He was screaming about “form.” I tell ya, fear is one helluva teacher! I can back a boat down the ramp darned near perfectly. This man would also scream at our youngest, when he was starting the boat and backing it off the trailer (into the water), so I could pull the truck and trailer forward and take off and park it. It was basically a scream-fest and neither one of us ever knew why. We executed things nearly perfectly, because we both knew there was hell to pay if we didn’t.

I suppose am glad my Ex decided to be helpful, if that’s indeed what it is, but I also hope he’s not screaming like a banshee at new boaters. My Mom, if she were still alive, would tell me that maybe he’s trying to turn over a new leaf (although she might roll her eyes while saying it) — cannot say I believe that, because leopards don’t and cannot change their spots…even the black leopards have spots…I hope and pray I’m wrong, but it seems a tad bit suspect to me. Plus, the news station had his last name wrong…BUT, it was definitely HIM speaking on the screen. Not sure if that was an error on their part or a manipulation on his? Hmmmmmm….

However, I am going to wish him well and turn the other cheek…no one said it had to be my face…it could be my posterior, right? There on cheeks on that end too, just saying…