Did you see what I did there? I was referencing the 2008 film, Yes Man, with Jim Carrey.

I am inspired by the film and being more proactive and intentional with my life, by not avoiding things. Let me elaborate…

Just today, my BF and I were headed to pick up a dresser and a chest of drawers we had bought from an estate sale. He has a truck with a small trailer attached, in order to pickup and haul said furniture.

“Do you think you could back out the trailer, once we load it?” he asked. He’s had back and neck surgery, so he cannot swivel his head to look behind him like every one else, when backing up his truck and trailer.

Now, the old Laura would have said, “No, I cannot do that! I’m not comfortable with that!” mainly because she was going to get verbally and possibly physically assaulted by her Abuser. However, Abuser is no longer here. So, because I love and trust my BF, I also have to love and trust myself as much (if not more). I will accept the challenges, instead of hide from them!

“Sure,” I said. “It might take me a few minutes, but I can get it, Babe.” I wasn’t 100% sure, but I am growing confident with my truck backing skills. I can even back a boat in with only a few adjustments!

I’m becoming a Yes Ma’am (instead of a Yes Man, because I’m female). Don’t get me wrong, I am not doing this to people-please or become a doormat, as I’d done in the past. I am meeting challenges that I am presented with and living life with gusto, instead of in fear. Instead of being reactive, I am being proactive. I am trying to do that with everything that I come across. Well, except roller coasters. Screw that! I will NOT ever change my mind about those OR eating asparagus. NOT. EVER.

I am not trying to hide from everything. Trust me, just watch the movie…it’s amazing how much of life gets missed because you deny it and it then becomes a missed opportunity, and later a regret! Make a covenant with yourself to embrace life! <3