The prompt for today was to write a book review of a book that I recently read. I highly recommend the book When Tears Leave Scars by Allison K. Dagney.

I recommend this book only if you are healed. You may have to read it in multiple sessions if you are not healed, as these relatable scenes can be a bit triggering. I read it in two sessions, I could not put it down! This is Allison’s story of looking great to the outside world, but her battle of physical and emotional torment inside her own home, at the hands of her abusive partner. Reading this book runs you through a gamut of emotions — especially if you’ve experienced coercive control and verbal, emotional, and even physical and financial abuses. It is, however, a story of incredible triumph! She is a true survivor and inspiration!

Curious about reading this book? I have an Amazon affiliate page, which features her under “Survivor Stories:”

Hers is one I often recommend, as an example of an inspirational survivor story!