I love fun and laughter! I used to even love April Fool’s Day, as a child. In junior high school, I went as far as pulling the prank of the “Dead GI’s Finger.” You cut a hole in the bottom of a small box (with a lid), that you can hold in one hand. Your middle finger goes in that hole, surround the finger by cotton, and add fake blood around your finger. Viola! Fake severed finger! People don’t even miss it when you’re holding the box, removing the lid with your other hand.

I took that box to school and startled/fooled several fellow students with it and a few teachers. The third teacher I showed, screamed and got woozy. When she regained her wits, she commanded me to the principal’s office. My parents got called. Well, crap…

The Principal made me give him the box, which he destroyed in front of me, and told me to go back to class and stop scaring people. I was livid. When I got home that night, I did not get a lecture. Just told no more pranks, Laura. Whatever. Cue the annoyance.

As an adult, I wasn’t as into pranks, probably due to that incident as a child. However, I had a work friend asked me to help her prank her husband. I asked her what she had in mind? She said she wanted him to think she was cheating on him. As I listened to her detailed plan, I began to wonder if she was cheating on him. She had a guy friend lined up to play the “fake lover.” So, when she said, “So, what do you think? You in???”

I took a deep breath. “No, thank you.”

She looked surprised. “Wait, what? Why?

” I think it’s cruel and sick, ” I explained. “I think he may get his feelings hurt and may never trust you again. Wouldn’t you panic if you thought he was cheating on you? Count me out.”

She immediately stopped talking and walked away. I honestly never heard from her again. I sometimes wonder if she went through with it. She wanted me to tell her husband that I suspected she was cheating on him and “catch” them sitting closely and talking together. Not only would he have been upset with her, he would’ve been with me too. No thanks!

I also personally cannot stand when people “joke” about being pregnant. Whether you’re pranking your significant other, family, friends, it’s just a harsh thing to do. You may hear something from your significant other that you wouldn’t want to hear. Your parents might be excited about becoming grandparents and then become VERY disappointed. You may have friends or family struggling to become pregnant. Just. Don’t! My Abuser, when I first told him I was pregnant, with all three children actually, treated me like I was joking. That really confused me and made me feel less than. He should have known, me of all people, would not joke like that.

If you like April Fools’ Day, good for you. However, please think before you hurt someone’s feelings, relationship, or damage something they care about. You could spiral someone’s mental health to a dark place. Keep it lighthearted and fun or don’t do it at all! Love and light! <3