PROMPT: The first website I remember visiting.

The first website that I remember visiting, not counting any web search sites or web crawlers, was the USA Today website. I had played on AOL and CompuServe when they were still bulletin boards (I’m aging myself, I know), but when I got to college, the Internet was new and exciting.

I was a journalism student at the time, so I loved reading the newspaper and keeping up on current events. I decided to check out USA Today site because it was my favorite newspaper, due to it being a national periodical. I loved local newspapers, but I needed to know national happenings too! I loved the colors and the layout. The creators of the website tried to make it match the newspaper as much as they could, being limited by the web browsers of the day (ahem, like Netscape?). It was clunky and cumbersome. It was mildly interesting, but I preferred the newspaper. The feel, the smell…it did update frequently, though. That was neat.

I still consult USA Today…it’s a bit better…just mildly…