So last month, a few weeks after Christmas, I was perusing Goodwil (my favorite store), and I came across…well, monsters. These little creatrures were sitting on the glass/ceramic shelf section, as I walked by. I looked at these critters (see the picture with the 5 characters) twice, before I decided to pick them up to take a closer look. They were weird…obscure…unusual…THEY WERE TOTALLY ME! I decided to put them in my cart. I ended up paying 99 cents/each for the five.

In the store, I had noticed the marking, but my glasses were in my vehicle. Upon investigation, when I arrived home, I found that these little creatures hailed from Oxford, England and they were contemporary! They were made of bone china by a talented artist…and, wait!?! There are MORE creatures!?! I was in Heaven!

I did quite a bit of research on the company and their artsy products, even picking out which creatures I would purchase next. I decided upon a white rabbit, bearing a scowl, who looks very “meh.” I felt like it was appropriate, because THAT is exactly how I feel about 2023 so far. I feel as though my next ceramic conquest is going to be a flying elephant from Kina Ceramics

So, why am I telling you this? Well, everyone needs a hobby or a fun outlet. Those ceramic creatures are whimsical and fun. I believe I am going to start collecting them. Their oddity speaks to me and my unique tastes. I like dark, unusual things. They’re kitschy and funny.

I started following the company on Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy. Recently, I happened to comment on a photo of something, stating how pretty it was, and the owner messaged me back. I thought it was random, so I volleyed back a response to their response. Pretty soon, I was having a lovely conversation. I told her about “rescuing” the five monsters and that I had ordered the rabbit. She urged me to enter the current contest on the Facebook page, so I did. Approximately a week later, she notified me, via Instant Messenger, that I had won! In fact, I was the only person to have entered the contest and won a gorgeous pair of earrrings — I chose the black china hearts that looked as if they had been put back together kintsugi style.

I urge you, dear readers, to take a look at and patronize the Kina Ceramics site. It’s not just mythic ceramic creatures…they also make and sell rings and earrings, mugs, plates, and other artsy pieces. There is definitely something for everyone! Its an art afficionado’s dream come true!

Now, to find the perfect shelf to display my monster menagerie…and to pick out my next “precious”…