PROMPT: What is Something You Learned Recently?

Recently, I have learned how to make meditation videos, although I’m still perfecting the length. I am combining looped video with soothing music.

You might think: Laura, why are you doing THIS? Well, I have a YouTube Channel that I recently setup and I’d like to start generating income to support my Blog and my DV advocate activities. You see, I suffer with anxiety and wrestle with C-PTSD, and I know DV victims and survivors do as well. I work full-time for a US federal social services organization, support my kids and grandchild, and money isn’t as plentiful as I would prefer (I mean, it never is for ANYONE, LOL). There’s always more week than paycheck.

All of my resources, the videos, ambient sounds, and video editing software are all royalty-free and open-source. Having earned an MBA, I know the value of low overhead costs. It takes time to build a YouTube Channel up for views, but if I can make calming, soothing videos with ambient music that people can run in the background (that continuously goes for 8 to 10 hours), will help them get better and more meaningful sleep. The video is for visual relaxation, to help them drift off to sleep and is still soothing if they temporarily wake up.

What started me on this journey was that my middle daughter, who has trouble sleeping (which also affects her mental health, not just her everyday performance), would put her Roku on a music channel, on low volume, while its darker screensaver was going. My grandson also sleeps in the same room and sleeps better when the music is going as well. Plus, there seems to be a huge surge in meditative/ relaxation videos on YouTube, so I thought I’d try this out! Plus, I don’t have to show my face…I mean, I’m not embarrassed about how I look, but I’m not star quality…*shrugs*

I did all the research on how to do this no-to-low cost, watched videos on how to use the sites/programs I am using and am getting it done! The marrying of the video and audio isn’t the problem, it’s getting it to keep looping successfully and seemlessly for eight to ten hours. That part is a tad bit more tricky!

I will have my first relaxation/sleep video done and uploaded VERY soon: Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel here:

Please, please, please…SUBSCRIBE and SHARE. I hope to help A LOT of people! I literally only have a handful of subscribers. It’s kind of embarrassing. I need to boost up my viewership! Thank you! Love and Light! <3