I haven’t blogged much lately. I know it’s hard to believe, but I somewhere lost my mojo between moving my oldest child to Chicago and getting one of the worse sinus infections I’ve had in a long, long time. I have no excuses, except: “I was tired and bone weary.” I felt like a wind-up doll who lost motion because she ran down

I was so run down, all I could do was sleep after I got home from work. It seemed that all I did was work, eat, take care of others’ needs, sleep (a bit), then get up and do it all over again. I also didn’t realize how hard it would be to let my oldest child move five hours away. It’s one thing for them to move out and just down the street or to the next little town, but this is a major haul! She’s very happy in her new place, having fun discovering all the new things that living on your own can afford! I’m happy for her, but sad — it’s bittersweet, but that grieving in itself can be exhausting.

I know I was gung-ho about Bloganuary, and I still am, but I’m going to have to finish the month strong. I did write some posts for blog prompts that I didn’t publish (not exactly sure why), but it made sense in my ill, exhausted mind. I will publish them retroactively for you all to enjoy! I just know I had to get my RESTART in, because once I start writing, it starts flowing.

I dearly love writing…its a part of me that if I don’t get [the story] out into the Universe, I get “bound up” mentally. My thoughts then get backed up and cause me a string of headaches. First its the disjointed thoughts, then it’s blood pressure/anxiety at my lack of performance and reliablity, then it’s my tired eyes going in and out of focuse.

And DO NOT get me started on how I financially need a part-time job, but not sure how I’d handle that! I’m barely getting by as it is, personally, and I just don’t think my horribly exhausted bod can take any more stressors!

I will try to tone it down and be more reliable! Chat soon! <3