PROMPT: Today’s five words to use as your prompt are: whip, permission, election, finished, legislation

I am working on legislation to help victims of domestic violence to remain safe and keep their abusers held for more evidence. Getting this legislation passed is about to whip me. It had been proposed as a bill during the 2022 Indiana House Session, but did not pass into law. The Indiana State representative that was helping me, told me not to worry, that it would go into a summer legislative study that didn’t happen. I have been trying to contact him to see if the proposed law, affectionately called “Laura’s Law,” for the victim, Laura Russell, that was killed in order to enact it. I stopped bothering the State Rep, due to him being up for re-election, but now that the election is over and he’s still my regional State Rep, I am not finished with this campaign. I ask permission nor forgiveness of anyone, for my passion to this cause. I will not stop until it is finish.

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