Available for both iOS and Android, this app is a lifesaver…and a FREE one at that!

Downloading it is a piece of cake and installing it is a breeze. As the victim or support person installs it, they pick a four digit code. I would NOT suggest a number the abuser might know, but maybe one from their childhood (I remember my childhood phone number, so I picked the last four digits — my abuser never called that number, so wouldn’t have it!)

Once installed, it walks the victim or support person through a series of questions, which helps it tailor the suggestions to the individual: sexual orientation, unsure of relationship status, whether they want to get back together or not, children involved, living situation, military status, etc. Once those are answered, the app guides the individual through how to setup an escape plan, whom to call if threatened, and SO much more.

This is an incredible starting out app! I love the fact that it has ways to escape safely, as well as a “cover” app, if an abuser would force you to show them what it was , when you punch in a predesigned code– it disguises as an ‘organizational’ app. I highly, highly recommend this app! Safe and helpful!