This week has literally been “shark week,” as it has been taking huge bites out of me! Normally, we call the week I start my cycle “shark week,” but it wasn’t that…it’s just as if Jaws was stalking me in the deep…contantly…

First, I pulled a muscle picking up my cute, but chunky grandson, thus missing two days of work and being in excrutiating pain. I almost didn’t get the medical attention I needed, because my name has not yet been changed on my insurance, despite it being almost a year since my name changed and HR doesn’t have time. Ugh.

Finally getting back to work today, I was SO far behind and STILL in pain.

So, when I got off of work, my son showed me his sticker he’d gotten from a friend. It’ pretty much summed up my week…I think it’s been trying to eat me.

However, when I got home from work, I opened up an envelope, not realized that it was addressed to my Ex. It was a settlement from a class-action lawsuit awarding him $11.99 from our bank. Of course he gets money. For a split second, I thought about signing his name and cashing it…but that thought left as soon as it appeared.

I handed the check to my middle daughter and told her to contact her Dad, take a picture of the check, and let him know.

“But, Mom,” she said very matter-of-factly, “You got one too!”

She handed me the envelope and I opened it. My check was for $83.95. I am certain this is my reward for not venturing down the wrong path. I almost stooped to his level. However, there are still two more days left in the week…shark week, BRU-HA-HA!